Bestie Citrus


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Bestie Citrus

Medium 250 ml

Packed with tea catechins and antioxidants equivalent to three multiple times the amount in a single serving could be as much as consuming 4or 5 cups of green tea

Made with green tea, botanicals, flavours, and sun-grown Mediterranean lemon juice

The ultimate in refreshment …

The art of taste meets the science of health!
In the making of Bestie, each step of the process is carefully carried out under the watchful eyes of experts. The end-to-end process of growing, plucking, processing, and extracting tea is managed by our master crafters and team of technical wizards. The best qualities of tea are extracted by our team of scientists who ensure no loss of benefits during the brewing process, post which the consistency of our flavour fusions are perfected along with our expert tasters. THOUGH YOU MAY EVEN LOOK FORWARD TO THE SUBTLE SEASONAL CHANGES IN TASTE
A state-of-the-art, fully managed factory.
At Bestie, none of our operations are outsourced. While you’ve already learnt the story behind our ingredients and how Bestie makes taste and health better together, naturally, you’ll be surprised to know that all the magic of fusing flavour with goodness happens at our factory in Mathugama. Even the final packaging stages like canning and bottling are executed and supervised by the technical staff at our factory. Each can and bottle of Bestie you pick to enjoy is a proud product made in Sri Lanka, reaching the world!

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