About Us.

BROWNS – A Heritage of Trust

Browns though a household name in Sri Lanka today, commenced business 145 years ago in the colonial plantation industries of Tea and Rubber. Over the years some of the world’s trusted brands in diverse fields such as agriculture, power, heavy machinery, lubricants and pharmaceuticals have formed long term alliances with Browns and in this island, Browns have lifted them up to unassailable heights.

Browns merger with LOLC Holdings PLC in the early part of the 21st century realised a new impetus and the company underwent a massive transformation refreshing its brand portfolio, reinventing and transforming industries in the key sectors of the Sri Lankan economy: Agriculture and plantations, Animal Health and nutrition, Human health care and nutrition, Power Generation and storage, Hospitality and leisure and marine

Having up country tea plantations as well as the low grown variants most of the companies’ tea is sent in Bulk form to the Colombo Tea Auctions and the almost 1000 Acres of Ceylon Cinnamon too when harvested is sold without much value addition.

The advent of “BESTIE” the sparkling tea will be yet another focal point in the totality of the diversified Browns Agricultural behemoth of Mathurata Plantations in Tea and Cinnamon and “Hingurana Sugar”. This will be value addition par excellence because now the company will take on the Global Giants in the Beverage industry namely Coca Cola and Pepsi with the added strength of CEYLON TEA and CEYLON CINNAMON Heritage. Towards this effort, 7 years of research and development will be amalgamated with patented Extraction methodology and the first line of carbonated soft Drinks made out of TEA will be available to the discerning consumer in the Islands’ markets by July 2021. 

Rolled out in five flavor variants initially, the Sparkling tea will be packaged in 250 ml aluminum cans and in PET Bottles of 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml. The state of the art Manufacturing Facility in Mathugama will be undoubtedly the most efficient CSD manufacturing facility in the country and will be a landmark to behold for passersby on the Southern Expressway – E1 

All plans are being made to make the product available in the entirety of the country within the 1st year and after accomplishing same the concentrated formulas will be exported to contracted Bottling companies overseas bringing Ceylon tea yet another tagline. – “CEYLON TEA your BESTIE”. And now as the Chairman says Browns can truly be called a “sunshine” and ” sunrise” industries company.