Refresh With Your New Bestie

Refreshing and sparkling; it is not just tea, it is your new Bestie to hang out with! Grab one for a rush of instant freshness on the go.

About Bestie

Refreshing and sparkling; it is not just tea, it is your new Bestie to hang out with! Made with the goodness of green tea and Ceylon tea from our own plantations, infused with a range of botanicals, flavours, and sun-grown Mediterranean juices, our range of Bestie ready-to-drink sparkling beverages is packed with tea goodness and deliciousness that will make your tastebuds tango. With every sip, Bestie makes great taste and health better together, naturally!

Created by Bestie Beverages, a part of Brown and Company PLC—a pioneer of tea in Sri Lanka since 1875, in the pursuit of putting quality back into refreshments, Bestie utilises only the best quality single estate tea from one of our own plantations in Ragala, Nuwara Eliya where we meticulously manage Growing, Plucking, Processing, and Extraction. The result? An incomparable experience with global taste that arguably sets a universal benchmark, making Bestie the ultimate refreshment, from sunrise to sunset!


When we say Bestie is here for everyone, we mean it! As we give the goodness of green tea and Ceylon tea sparkling twists of sweet and spicy botanicals like Nelli, Cinnamon, and beyond, delicious flavours, and refreshing and tangy swirls of Mediterranean fruit juices, we create the ultimate combination of taste and health that is made for every mood and every occasion. Try our excitingly delicious flavours and pick your favourite that will have you wanting more!

For kids , young adults and the adult who wants to go back few scores of years



Making the ultimate refreshment requires the finest ingredients… no compromises!

At Bestie, we have given a whole new dimension to the world’s most sought after beverage as our sole ingredient—tea. We source high quality single-origin, single-estate tea only from our own estates in Ragala, Nuwara Eliya, which is a part of Mathurata Plantations.
Nestled amongst hills of Sri Lanka’s upcountry, the land has grown and flavoured world renowned Sri Lankan teas since 1870. The robust tones of the terrain, the neighboring springs, the misty winds, the rains and the fertile soils flavour our tea. Along with the green tea and Ceylon tea, Mathurata Plantations is also home to Ceylon Cinnamon. of which we have over a Thousand Hectares. Bestie utilises only homegrown cinnamon from our own plantations to flavour the cinnamon infused range. Besides these, only the choicest ingredients like sun-grown Mediterranean juices and flavours go into the making of Bestie.

Our Key Ingredients

Green Tea

Natural Blackberry

Natural Lemon

Natural Nelli


Natural Cinnamon

Natural Peach

Ceylon Tea